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Where is your organization on B2B Marketing’s MaP (Milestones and Path)?

Take this 3-minute assessment to evaluate the current state of your Messaging, Buyer Personas, Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Digital Marketing efforts.

  • Is your lead generation engine strong and reliable or intermittent and sometimes idle?
  • Does your brand messaging reflect the full view of your organization’s values and unique selling points or do these elements paint an incomplete or outdated picture of who you are?
  • Does digital marketing deliver everything it should for your business or are leads and opportunities being left on the table?

Find out now, complete our 3-minute five-point assessment.

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Brand Messaging and Identity

Your brand’s message and identity are imprinted in every phrase, every image and virtually every interaction your prospects and customers experience in getting to know you and your business. It expresses why your brand matters, how it can help and where it’s unique. In short, it’s the lifeblood of creating excitement and interest that lead to engagement and, ultimately, to strong bonds and business relationships.

Which of the statements below best reflects your brand messaging?

We’ve struggled or haven’t been able to clearly define and communicate who we are, what we deliver and why we’re a welcome and different approach to alternatives.
Our brand messaging reflects some or most of what we do and who we are but doesn’t convey the full breadth of our value proposition in a compelling way to convert interest into engagement.
We do a decent job of maintaining and updating our brand messaging to tell our story, but lack a disciplined approach to validating key message points and knowing whether something’s missing.
We have crystal-clear, identifiable and well-received brand messaging and regularly assess what may need to evolve with input from our employees, prospects and customers.

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Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are crucial composites of your key customer profiles. These composites give context to the people who are your best customers – their demographic characteristics, their needs and wants, what makes them tick and where you’re likely to find them. They are an indispensable guide for informing your marketing strategy and plotting the path to achieving your business objectives.

Which of the statements below best matches your organization’s development and application of buyer personas?

We don’t have a well-articulated profile of our ideal customers and, as a result, tend to generalize our marketing approaches and messages.
We have a decent idea of who our ideal customers are but haven’t formally created or adopted buyer personas to get across-the-board alignment and truly tailor our marketing content and messages.
We’ve created buyer personas and revisited them at times but haven’t fully embedded them in our marketing processes and campaigns.
We’ve created complete buyer personas and evaluate all our marketing campaigns and communication on the optimal path to reach and resonate with each of them.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategic marketing approach to crafting and delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right person or people. It ensures the availability of information and assets that speaks to the needs and interests of your targeted buyer personas at each point of their buyer journey. Content Marketing plays a vital role in attracting new customers, building trust in your brand and driving conversions.

Which of the statements below best matches your organization’s approach to content marketing?

We don’t have a defined content marketing strategy and have only basic marketing materials to use with our prospects and customers.
We have a general understanding of content marketing but haven’t been able to really implement it across every channel we’d like to or produce all the pieces we need.
We have a content marketing strategy in place and have produced some solid assets but are challenged to maintain consistent production of value-added assets.
We have a variety of marketing content that is tailored to each buyer persona and business segment for every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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Lead Generation

Consistently attracting qualified prospects at the top of the sales funnel that become qualified leads and opportunities is a foundational requirement for B2B marketing efforts. Those who do this well set a stage for sustained success and a healthy business development pipeline.

Which of the statements below best matches your organization’s lead generation efforts and results?

We don’t have an effective lead generation engine and struggle to consistently get enough quality leads to meet and exceed our business objectives and goals.
We sporadically run marketing campaigns to drive incremental lead generation but don’t really have repeatable and reliable lead generation programs in place.
We consistently run lead generation campaigns that produce a sufficient stream of leads but aren’t necessarily capitalizing on every channel or continuously optimizing our efforts.
We have a reliable and disciplined lead generation engine in place and see consistent growth from integrated marketing campaigns that are continuously tested and tailored to our buyer personas.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing offers virtually unlimited opportunities for businesses to engage with their prospects and customers. Finding and fueling the right mix and application of website, social media, blog, interactive, email and an array of other online elements is imperative for B2B businesses that want to thrive and experience continued growth.

Which of the statements below best matches your organization’s approach to digital marketing?

We have a minimal website and send out emails now and again but not much more when it comes to digital marketing.
We have a basic website and a limited application of other digital marketing mediums (e.g. some social media presence, modest email efforts).
We have a digital strategy in place and carry out marketing campaigns and communications across a variety of digital channels but aren’t as advanced or optimized on each as we’d like to be.
We have a well-defined digital marketing strategy in place with disciplined measurement and analysis of results to drive continuous improvement, business growth and efficiency.

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As we stated at the outset, getting your B2B marketing where you want it to be starts with a clear understanding of where it’s at today. Whether your marketing efforts are stuck in idle or, as we like to say, exemplify a well-oiled machine, you’ve now taken a first step to greater success.

See below for where your answers suggest you are on B2B Marketing’s MaP (Milestones and Path).

Brand Messaging Effectiveness
Buyer Persona Development and Application
Content Marketing Strategy
Lead Generation Efforts
Digital Marketing Maturity

No matter whether this assessment got you started on the right path or validated the path you are already on, you’re taking excellent steps towards making your marketing strategy the best it can be. The team of data-driven experts at Launch Marketing can help you take your marketing efforts and execution to the next level, regardless of where you’re at today.


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